About the Club

Who We Are

Bishopthorpe White Rose Football Club is an established and friendly junior football club located in the village of Bishopthorpe, south east of York. We are proud to be working with the Football Association to promote football in the community and are an FA Charter Standard Club. The club has grown from 19 players to more than 500 since it was started in May 1999. As well as success on the pitch, the club is now a vibrant and diverse place: we have opportunities for girls and boys in all our age groups, which range from ages 4 to 19, and the club also supports two disability teams. In recognition of our significant work in this area we were delighted to be named the Yorkshire and North East Region FA Charter Standard Club of the Year 2017.

We are based at various sites around Bishopthorpe, but will soon be moving to White Rose Park, a new purpose built facility off Sim Balk Lane, whilst still utilising Ferry Lane for our youngest players.

Bishopthorpe White Rose Football Club has good relationships with Bishopthorpe Infant and Junior Schools to promote football in the community within the local area. We provide a quality and safe place for children to play football and fully support the FA's Respect Campaign and have FA-qualified managers, coaches and dedicated Child Welfare Officer, all of whom are DBS-checked by the FA.

Our Ethos

We are an inclusive and friendly club that provides football to children of all ages and abilities in a safe and nurturing environment.

We coach our players and our teams to be the best they can be, to play with purpose and skill, but above all else to have fun and enjoy the game.

We want all our players to play fairly with respect for coaches, teammates, opposition and referees and to develop skills they can use on and off the pitch.

We want our players to develop a lifelong love of sport, a passion for being active and a desire to be a positive member of a team.